Wednesday, September 22, 2010

first ludology class

really enjoyed the first ludology and gameplay class
was a bit out of my depth
got going in the end

created a game and rules for a triangular 3 pie game trivial pursuits style
setup startup conditions and rules to play
played the game and took 8 mins to finish play cycle

my partner in crime came up with a groovy straw construction game
i didn't really understand it - it was really thinking out of the box
it made me realise how static my thought can be

swapped games with another group and played their battleships style game
as the game progressed and the rules and gameplay revealed itself it became richer
implicit or undescribed play can be far richer

The second time defining the rules for the game to give to the other group
was not as clear as the first time - ambiguity had crept in after play

my first real post - I need to get better

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  1. Hey check out some info on chris crawford
    and this book is a must 'Chris Crawford on Game Design'.

    Ive also a couple of books i can give you to ease into the madness.... pop down to the office