Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Tooled Up

Course Finally Got Going - real software game project

Downloaded Game Maker - tomorrow for the tutorials

Bought IPhone 4 - reminds me of my first preamp purchase - another life

Setup OSX VMWare Slice On Win7
Installed Unity And XCode  sweet
love that snow leopard

Tired of drawing very poor pictures with no teaching.

Got some motivation back. - new direction - games was what i signed up for

Kinect is coming soon loads of games on the download boil hopefully cracked xbox will work.

Playing the new Prof Layton - great - do it again but do it better they really have honed the product.

Playing red dead - random killing is great - nothing to beat a rifle shot in the nuts

playing gta on dsixl - games for adults - drugs and death and super sounds

I love the notion of games for adults - my des prtc proj

Hard hit the road today

anon noelie


  1. So you're finding it hard to get into this games thing then?

  2. yeah, i can undestand the desire for getting hands on software. but noelie, the principles of game design apply to board and digital alike. Its much easier to get the principles accross and demonstrated with board games... beleive me...

    Im just hoping the skills and techniques beaten into youse over the last few months stick...

    I did say it would get repetitive...