Monday, October 18, 2010

Gaming in the fire

I had an enjoyable Ludology class playtesting.

Rudely interrupted by the fire alarm.

We playtested Opposites and I found it enjoyable. 4 of us played and played to a finish. It was the first time to have the full 4 players and it worked well. There was good conflict and play was good.
The 4 colour and the cycling through these worked well, the extra complexity added an extra dimension to the game. In the endgame i converted a large number of my counters to black (my picked colour) only to be cycled through to white at the last minute.
The new colour board worked well - the printed progression of colours was clear.
I would like to progress the game further. I have been searching for counters online, the painted money isn't the best and slightly bigger counters would be better. I think moving to an A3 print with bigger counters would be better.

Hugh was suggesting adding extra dimensions to the game, magic squares etc, but on further though i think the game has enough complexity and sometimes simplicity is better. Maybe if we get a chance to playtest on wednesday could try out options.

We then played Medieval game of conquest.
A great idea with a wonderfully designed set of instructions.
We only had a short time to play but it had great potential. With slight modifications it could work very well.

I am playing a lot of Professor Layton on the DSi - its interfereing with my soaps. I am getting better at the puzzles but still find them very challenging. The more i play the less frustrated at the game narrative i become. The glue to hold the puzzles together is important - i am looking forward to the new release this month.

I am playing a bit of deadspace, I find it so eerie - a really enjoyable play. The sluggish movement fits the style so well. I find myself so jarred by the attacks on the player and am stopped in my tracks everytime he is stabbed. The sound track is phenominal - the slow breathing is so atmospheric.

World of Warcraft - Gonna take the plunge later once i get the assignments done, "Stay away from the dark side Luke" - I think i need to take the plunge.

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