Monday, October 11, 2010

In at the deep end

In at the deep end

So many games - such little time - time management?
Busy installing and setting up my gaming machines - loving it.
Got a candy yellow Dsi xl with Braintraining, ordered an R4i card waiting on that.
I tried an emulator on the pc for Professor Layton testing seemed to work fine. The story is really anoying much better if they had a puzzle only version.
Found an xbox arcade to crack - €50 with no controller picking up today, bit scared to do the firmware but can't wait to play red dead redemption. Found a cake of dual layers will pick up today as well.
Currently copying Dead Space - can't wait to be scared. Loved the footage and postmortem in class today.
Playing Mirrors edge - I find the controls tricky but love the style and interaction. Love the life on the rooftop.
Started playing Civ V - the intro movie is awesome I was questioning whether it was an actor, it won't be long till all game play is that good.
Loving Psychonauts, wonderful graphics and the style is awesome. I found the gameplay enjoyable and enjoy the easy play.
Started playing creaky old memory The game i have to review for next week - stylish view , not so sure of the gameplay bit tricky to get going. Will try prezi for my review.
Started playing Minecraft - don't know what to do - I think i need a tutorial!
Playtesting In Ludology Class

Had a good time at playtesting today
Started with Festivus, a great rock festival territorial acquisition game. The board and accessories were great and with some modification played quite well.
Then played my Go variant Opposites. Played an enjoyable game and decided to progress this game to next week with some modifications. The mods are to add 2 new colours red and blue (fire and water) and to cycle through the colours instead of the simple black and white switching.
Had a great time playing the Mario Kart board game from last years class. I was really impressed with the quality of production and once we got to grips with the rules it played well. I hope my game can come near to its standard.
Puzzle Creation

I came up with my 10 puzzles - harder than I thought and took longer than I thought to test and document.
Scared by the hard puzzles Hugh sent out - I feel stupid trying them don't know if i have any correct.


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  1. so many games... so little time... need to cut out sleeping... its the only way...

    Those puzzles are WICKED.... i couldnt do half of them either